Automating Go-To-Market with AccountAim

As team members at Sendoso, we experienced firsthand the challenges in scaling Go-To-Market operations at a hyper-growth startup. At AccountAim, we are charting a path to fixing them.

  • The technology stack for Go-To-Market teams has exploded. It is not uncommon for a scaling GTM organization to utilize more than a dozen different point solutions costing millions of dollars in annual spend. The time and energy spent onboarding new vendors, integrating them together, and maintaining data quality across dozens of tools has turned RevOps teams into IT teams.  
  • Data governance is tablestakes. The explosion of GTM tooling has lead to a dramatic rise in data proliferation and duplication. Your CRM is no longer your single source of truth. Separating the signal from the noise has become a full-time job that requires checking and rechecking that data is flowing appropriately across the entire GTM system. Getting company and contact detail for prospects and customers has never been easier – making sense of it in real-time and ensuring the right employees internally are working those accounts has become nearly impossible.
  • The shift to remote / hybrid teams coupled with the ongoing tech recession has changed the way Go-To-Market teams need to operate. Gartner forecasts that 80% of sales interactions will occur digitally by 2030. This makes the static, old-school methods of interacting with prospects and customers, such as territory planning, completely obsolete. 

These trends are exacerbated by the boom and bust cycles VC-backed startups operate in: rapid hiring and even more rapid turnover resulting in poor customer handoffs, limited documentation, and single points of failure. 

The result? Expensive software being underutilized and millions of dollars of missed revenue opportunities.

We have felt these problems firsthand and believe there is an opportunity to simplify this complex landscape, and that’s why we have built AccountAim. AccountAim automates your go-to-market journey from start to scale by ensuring your best accounts are given the attention they deserve. 

What does this mean? We want you to get the most out of the data you already have through automated processes that incorporate best practices for go-to-market operations. 

Contact us today for a one-on-one demo to learn more.

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