Building For Hyper-Growth With Warmly

50% increase
in priority accounts worked

40+ Hours
saved carving territories

20% decrease
in new rep ramp time

Warmly helps revenue teams spot in-market opportunities sooner, progress them faster, and hit pipeline goals more consistently. Their AI Warm Leads Platform illuminates pipeline by monitoring buying intent signals across your website, outbound and CRM and then helps close that pipeline in warm, engaging ways.

The Challenge: Transitioning from Founder-Led Sales

In Q3 2023, Warmly was looking to make the transition from Founder-Led Sales to Seller-Led Sales.They had just brought in their first sales leader, Keegan Otter, to scale out their sales organization and operations. 

Keegan was in a position where he needed to quickly get his new reps up to speed and working on the highest-value accounts. One of the biggest problems Warmly faced was seeing more demand than their team could even keep up with.

“As we started growing, our reps were getting a little lost with how big their territories had grown from round-robining accounts. They were getting fed almost too many accounts and struggled to prioritize.”

Solution: Automated Territory Management

At previous companies, Keegan had seen the benefits of a dynamic territory model but needed a solution that would work seamlessly with the existing tech stack of HubSpot, Outreach, 6Sense, and their own tool, Warmly.

He knew he needed two critical pieces from a territory management tool:

  1. Visibility into how reps are working their territory. “Before AccountAim, we weren’t able to get nearly as granular reporting as we needed.” Keegan said. “Our reps were having to bounce back and forth between reports and dashboards built in HubSpot and high-priority accounts were constantly slipping through the cracks.”
  2. Ability to route accounts efficiently. With a growing team, Keegan needed to quickly create new books for incoming reps and recarve territories. ”Keeping territories evenly distributed and up-to-date with our highest priority accounts even as our team grows is absolutely critical.”

"AccountAim took just a couple of minutes to set up and we started seeing value the same day," he noted.

AccountAim provided a comprehensive territory management solution for Warmly, consisting of:

Automated Territory Creation: Warmly wanted their territories to consist of accounts that

  1. fit their Ideal Customer Profile and
  2. had shown promising signals in the past, such as Warmly-sourced website visit data or 6Sense-sourced intent data.

Keegan previously spent days preparing these lists and assigning out equitable territories, but AccountAim was able to automate the creation of these territories within a couple hours.  

Dynamic Territory Management: With growth comes change, and both Warmly’s team and its universe of qualified accounts are constantly growing. AccountAim’s set-and-forget automation ensures new reps receive quality territories immediately upon onboarding, and that existing reps always have the highest quality accounts in their territories.   

Territory Penetration Analytics: In Warmly’s hyper-growth environment of heavy inbound interest, it is all too easy for great accounts to get lost in the cracks of each rep’s territory. AccountAim provides Warmly territory penetration analytics that are otherwise impossible to build in Hubspot, giving Keegan visibility into how deeply each rep is working their books. AccountAim facilitates automated reminders to reps when good accounts were going unworked for too long, reducing potential revenue leak.   

Results: Better Visibility, More Sales Efficiency

AccountAim has given Warmly the visibility and confidence that their territory model is built to handle the hyper-growth they are facing.

“In minutes, AccountAim was able to replicate the entire territory management process that I had built in previous organizations, at a fraction of the cost.” Keegan said. “Territory carving that used to take me weeks to do in Hubspot can be done in just a few minutes. Our reps have more confidence in the accounts they are going after, giving us more time to focus on our own customers.”

AccountAim has given Warmly the visibility and confidence that their territory model is built to handle the hyper-growth they are facing.

Keegan concluded, “The feedback from the reps was like “Wow, I didn’t know I had all of that in my territory!’ And so they found, they weren’t always working in their territory and, with AccountAim, now they are.”

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