The Power of Dynamic Books of Business

Are you tired of large, unwieldy books of business that hinder your sales team’s performance? It’s time to embrace a counter-intuitive approach – reducing the list of target accounts.

The conventional approach of dividing all the accounts among sales reps and assigning arbitrary territories can lead to a number of problems. Overburdening reps with too many accounts, neglecting ideal customer profiles, and missing out on valuable opportunities – these are just some of the issues that arise.

That’s where AccountAim comes in. By connecting your existing data sources to our dynamic book management software, you can ensure that your reps only receive the highest quality and most actionable accounts in real-time. With a focus on only the best accounts, reps are able to give them the attention they deserve and close more deals.

Say goodbye to ramping and attriting reps with ease. With smaller lead lists for ramping reps to hone their skills and automatic re-assignment of accounts for attriting reps, you can be confident that your book of business is in safe hands.

By embracing a focused and dynamic book of business, you’ll see a significant increase in the number of worked accounts, depth of activity per account, and overall close rates. Take your sales team’s performance to the next level with AccountAim. Book a demo today to learn more.

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