Prioritize your top accounts, always

Create compounding growth by keeping your entire organization up-to-date on where success is coming from.

Enjoy the benefits of always knowing your ideal customer profile.

Take full control of your go-to-market program. Easily build a GTM program with AccountAim’s curated frameworks or define custom controls to reflect your company’s unique workflows.

ICP Detection

Double-down on what is working today while continuing to look ahead

Dynamic Scoring

Leverage ML & artificial intelligence (AI) to adapt as quickly as your business grows

Real-Time Notifications

Keep up-to-date with activities in your top accounts

Continuous Monitoring

Keep your entire go-to-market organization aligned

How does it work?


Import sales, marketing, customer, and product data all in one place


Analyze what is working and create new revenue opportunities


Test and iterate as your business grows and changes

Why AccountAim?

Single source of truth

Break down siloes. All of your go-to-market teams in one place.

Fastest setup

Onboard and start seeing value immediately.

Best bang for your buck

With modular pricing and no setup fees, what you see is what you pay.


Combine real-time feedback from customers with the rigor of ops.

Flexible reporting

Out-of-the-box dashboards with customization to fit your org.

Full visibility

No more searching for most recent documents.

Put Go-To-Market on Autopilot

Take a one-on-one guided tour of our platform, and see how we make it easy to grow your GTM operations – all in one place.