AccountAim + HubSpot Integration

Highly Personalized Sales Experiences

With AccountAim and Hubspot, revenue teams can identify underworked accounts and align them with reps that have the bandwidth and skillset to better serve them, increasing win rates and driving predictable revenue growth.

AccountAim’s Revenue Efficiency & Compliance platform provides account-prioritization intelligence and personalized segmentation to Hubspot users, empowering them to leverage their reps’ unique strengths. Sellers can now focus on building more meaningful and personal engagement across the entire buyer journey. 

“AccountAim’s integration with Hubspot has uncovered dozens of unworked opportunities and let us personalize our sales process in real time”

Nick Nielson

Business Development Manager, OpStart

AccountAim + Hubspot = Better Together

  • With AccountAim, Hubspot customers can seamlessly prioritize target accounts, resulting in higher quality pipeline and more conversions through the entire funnel
  • When new reps are hired, AccountAim serves personalized books of accounts, while ensuring fairness and equity across your entire team
  • With AccountAim, Hubspot customers can easily build hyper-personalized routing on their own, without needing to rely on RevOps or development resources

The Power of AccountAim & Hubspot

  • Data-Driven Recommendations
    • AccountAim surfaces recommendations from the tools your team already has in place, allowing you to get the full value of data enrichment and lead-scoring tools
  • Personalized Routing
    • Personalize your entire sales process based on rep performance and expertise, improving domain expertise and reducing context switching
  • Enforce Governance 
    • Customize rules of engagement to fit your team’s unique needs while leveraging best practices on pipeline management and territory planning of the enterprise 
  • Improved Seller Experience
    • AccountAim spotlights high-value opportunities across hundreds of signals, freeing up sellers to focus on relationship-building

Put Book Management on Autopilot

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