How Mosaic Booked More Meetings Targeting Fewer Accounts

increase in opportunity creation rates

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The Company

Mosaic is the first Strategic Finance Platform, acting as a compass for business leaders and empowering them to make more profitable decisions. The role of the CFO has grown in scope, but the toolkit they were using had not. Finance teams were stuck spending the bulk of their time gathering data from disparate sources and administering processes, leaving very little time for them to focus on identifying and actioning the strategic insights that drive business growth.

Launching in 2019, Mosaic set out to provide strategic finance teams with real-time analytics and planning. Their customers have the ability to connect their entire stack with 30+ prebuilt integrations, analyze performance across departments with out-of-the-box reporting, and plan ahead with a complete suite of best-practice planning tools. Mosaic has raised $73M to date, most recently a $26M Series C led by OMERS with participation from Founders Fund, General Catalyst, and Friends and Family Capital.

The Challenge: Maximizing Revenue Efficiency in a Well-Defined Market

From the earliest days, efficiency and focus were built into the core of Mosaic. Operating in a well-defined Total Addressable Market, Mosaic recognized the need to maximize coverage of their entire market. 

They needed to ensure:

  • Reps have the right number of accounts in their books. With too many accounts, they knew focus was going to be lost. Because their market was so well-defined, they knew they couldn’t suffer a decrease in the quality of customer interactions as a result. 
  • High-quality opportunities don’t get missed. Mosaic knew they couldn’t afford to overlook a single opportunity. As they expanded their sales organization, it was critical to ensure both new and more tenured reps were aligned on what the highest-quality opportunities looked like.
  • Reps weren’t wasting their time researching accounts that weren’t a good fit. Unfortunately, Mosaic couldn’t find a data enrichment provider that had all of the data points and signals they needed. So they turned to multiple sources to gather the information that was critical in helping them identify their best-fit accounts. As a result, reps were having to spend hours each day jumping back and forth between multiple systems only to find the company they had been researching wasn’t a great fit. 

"AccountAim ensures our sales reps are systematically working through their territories and staying laser-focused on their top accounts"

Solution: Account Prioritization on Auto-Pilot

Signal Consolidation

With AccountAim, sales reps are no longer having to spend time navigating between multiple systems. Instead, reps are sent daily notifications filled only with their best-fit accounts. In real-time, AccountAim is measuring the performance of every data point across Mosaic’s tech stack to understand which ones truly drive value. These details are summarized to only the most vital data points reps need to ensure high-quality, consistent outreach.

Systematic Account Prioritization

Relentless prioritization to ensure wall-to-wall coverage of their entire addressable market. Mosaic was able to stack-rank every account within its market and determine the timing, headcount, and resourcing needed to ensure no stone was left unturned. With AccountAim, Mosaic was able to move from static account tiering that became outdated quickly to a real-time updating stack-ranking system that evolves at the pace of their business.

Rep Feedback

Mosaic is no longer reliant on outdated and error-filled data sources. AccountAim blends powerful quantitative analysis with a forum for reps to share their on-the-ground feedback in their conversations with prospects and customers. Mosaic has unlocked a treasure trove of data that doesn’t exist in any system, harnessing it to improve account targeting and identify areas where enablement is needed.

Results: Time Back For More Personalized Outreach

Increased Market Coverage

Previously, sales reps were spending an hour or more every day figuring out which accounts within their book of business they should be targeting. With AccountAim, Mosaic has been able to improve its market penetration by increasing the number of accounts each rep can work. By putting account nurturing on auto-pilot, accounts are now systematically being targeted on a defined schedule.

More Qualified Opportunities Being Created

Along with working even more accounts, Mosaic has seen a 23%+ increase in opportunity creation rates from AccountAim recommended accounts compared to its historical average. By targeting the best-fit accounts for its solution, Mosaic has generated an incremental $1.9 million in pipeline that would have otherwise been missed.

Improved Rep Buy-In

Directly involving sales reps in the account prioritization process has helped build trust across the entire go-to-market organization. Account tiering is no longer a black-box, but a collaborative effort between RevOps and reps. 

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