OpStart Evolves With A Data-Driven Revenue Approach

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OpStart powers financial operations for startups across the country, ranging from pre-seed to Series C. OpStart has been building its financial back office platform and becoming a trusted partner for high-growth startups since 2020.

Headquartered in South Bend, IN, OpStart empowers entrepreneurs with the freedom to focus on growing their businesses and delivering value for their customers, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their back office is in good hands.

The Challenge: Creating a Reliable Account-Based Sales System

In early 2023, as OpStart looked to accelerate their growth, the company needed a more proactive, account-based approach to their go-to-market efforts. But to do so, it needed more visibility for its revenue teams.

“As we looked to speed up growth, we knew we had to double down on targeting our Ideal Customers, and help our sellers better prioritize the accounts they were spending time on.” recalled Nick Nielson, Head of Business Development at OpStart. “Our CRM didn’t have much flexibility, and our historical data wasn’t the cleanest, so we had to do all of our reporting in Excel.”

OpStart had migrated their business to Hubspot, but still needed a way to identify top accounts without spending hours in Excel. And with strong growth prospects on the horizon, Nielson wanted to ensure their go-to-market systems were built in a way to get new reps ramped faster.

“Before AccountAim, we spent hours every month sifting through data in HubSpot to help our reps prioritize outreach. With AccountAim, we now have a weekly account review process built in that lets us better understand who our best prospects are and track engagement, all in much more detail and with much less work.”

Solution: AccountAim Ensures Focus On OpStart’s ICP

Nielson started evaluating solutions to help the sales team and executives gain more visibility, manage pipeline and build forecasts in less time, and start doubling down on their core ICP. Putting a premium on customer service and product capabilities, Nielson chose AccountAim.

“With AccountAim’s integration with HubSpot, we were able to get started in just minutes.” Nielson said. “Reporting that used to be pulled together from ten different spreadsheets and that took hours to double check was at our fingertips out-of-the-box. AccountAim gave us that streamlined, clean view of our business that let us focus on the bigger picture.”

From there, AccountAim was able to help OpStart get more out of its existing data and find high-value opportunities. “AccountAim’s integration with Hubspot helped us uncover dozens of opportunities within our ICP that we weren’t working,” Nielson added. “Now we are able to more effectively prioritize our time and build even deeper relationships with our prospects.”

Results: A Focused, Scalable Go-To-Market Approach

OpStart now has detailed, real-time visibility into its sales performance – something they could only dream about previously. Gone are the hours spent gathering, manipulating, and cleaning data in Excel. It’s helping drive better planning as the company looks to accelerate momentum in Q4 and into 2024.

Other benefits the OpStart team has gained include:

  • Improved customer targeting. Leveraging AccountAim, the team were able to get a much clearer, data-backed definition of their Ideal Customer Profile. By doing this – the team were able to redirect marketing spend away from non-ICP leads – resulting in an immediate savings of $20k+.
  • Real-time view on the sales pipeline and revenue. Nielson previously spent hours building models in Excel every month and required stitching together data from multiple sources. Now, Nielson brings AccountAim to his meetings, and expects the entire revenue team to start using AccountAim themselves soon.

“Getting visibility into our top prospects was a pain before AccountAim,” Nielson concluded. “It used to be a very manual process. Now, we just use AccountAim and it’s all right there. And the expectation is that our entire revenue team (sales, marketing, customer success) will start using AccountAim to manage their team’s performance, see where high-value opportunities are, and most importantly, get those insights on their own.”

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