AccountAim for RevOps and SalesOps

Get rid of your territory headaches

Break free from juggling excel spreadsheets, CRM exports, and endless back-and-forth.  

Get started building better territories, faster today.

Why AccountAim for RevOps

AccountAim was built to take territory management off of your plate.

Save hours every month

Reduce all of the manual work that goes into managing territories from spreadsheets. From creating books for new hires to territory recarves to scenario planning, AccountAim automates all of your manual processes.

Keep your sellers informed

Improve transparency, rep productivity, and build deeper trust with the teams closest to your customers with territory feedback and collaboration tools.

Plan ahead for any situation

No matter how complex your territory plan gets, AccountAim is there to support in real-time with single-click territory modeling and what-if scenarios.

Features purpose-built for RevOps teams

Designed by operators for operators

No-Code Configuration

Deep-dive into advanced data modeling without needing engineering or data science resources. 

History Tracking

Out-of-the-box snapshotting makes back-testing different scenarios a breeze.

Version Control

Compare territory designs, make changes on the fly, and collaborate more effectively with front-line sales managers.

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