AccountAim for Sales Leaders

Build More Pipeline with Higher Conversion

The strongest lever in pipeline creation happens before a deal is ever created. Make sure every single rep is engaging with your highest-converting prospects, always.

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Why AccountAim for Sales Leaders

AccountAim was built to improve rep efficiency and drive higher quality pipeline

Build pipeline that converts

Spend your forecast calls talking about deals that will actually close. Improve customer lifetime value and net retention by finding and following up with the customers that are the best fit in the long-term.

Optimize team performance

Ensure equitable territories are built and maintained as your team grows and scales to give every rep a shot at being your best rep.

Adapt faster than your competition

Get new reps up-to-speed faster and run experiments faster with AI-powered account targeting and automated sales plays.

Features purpose-built for Sales Leaders

Get more out of your entire sales team in hours, not weeks

Territory Intelligence

Understand the quality of accounts being targeted and what activities are performing across your entire revenue team.

Full Transparency

Get real-time alerts into where you sales process is breaking down and where more enablement is needed.

Performance-Based Adjustments

Capture momentum with recent wins by making real-time adjustments to any channel, signals or segments. 

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