How Tavus Created a Sophisticated RevOps Function While Saving Over $100,000

freed up for the GTM team

FTE running all RevOps

to access real-time intelligence

Founded in 2020, Tavus is the only video personalization platform with the power to take what you record once and automatically transform it into countless AI-generated videos, customized with unique voice variables to each customer to inspire loyalty and repeat conversions long after you hit send.

The Challenge: Scaling Go-To-Market with a Lean Ops Team

Following a $6.1M fundraise led by Sequoia, cofounders Hassaan Raza and Quinn Favret knew it was time to start laying the foundation for future growth. They had recently brought in Tim Huang to head up their sales efforts. As they began to scale their go-to-market efforts, Tavus faced several new challenges. But like most startups, growth at all costs wasn’t an option anymore.

Operating with a one-person revenue organization, Tim had to track Tavus’ sales performance, set up a tech stack that would scale with him, and create a repeatable process for the new reps he was planning to bring on, all while juggling creating and maintaining relationships with new prospects. As inbound interest continued at a breakneck speed, laying the proper revenue foundation started to slip through the cracks.

"It’s much easier to get things in order the right way when you are just getting started. We knew the longer we took to put checks and balances in place, the more time we would spend later on having to dig ourselves out."

Solution: A Revenue Compliance Platform to Future Proof the Business

Tim and the Tavus team recognized the need for a more efficient sales process. They chose AccountAim based on their expertise and experience working with similar businesses. They wanted to avoid the pitfall of bringing on the wrong full-time hire or consultant while they knew their process was likely to evolve quickly.

AccountAim’s platform provided Tavus with a comprehensive overview of their desired sales process, the gaps within their current process, and the tools to narrow the gap with a single click. Tavus also found that the AccountAim team’s familiarity with their business model proved to be a huge source of time savings, and meant less back-and-forth the uniqueness of their business.

“If not for AccountAim, our revenue operations would have been a massive pain point,” says Tim. “It would have involved hours of time spent researching tools and stitching together integrations, all while I crossed my fingers hoping that nothing broke,” Tim says.

Overall Tavus’ decision to trust AccountAim’s experience and expertise paid off, resulting in a streamlined and effective revenue compliance process that positioned the company for continued growth.

Results: More Time Back to Focus on Customers

AccountAim’s comprehensive solution has allowed Tavus to transform one of their biggest headaches into an afterthought. Using AccountAim’s Revenue Compliance Monitoring led to significant time savings for Tavus. Tim estimates that AccountAim has saved them an additional 10 hours a week, giving them much needed time back to focus on what is most important: talking to their prospects and customers.

As the Tavus team has started to grow, AccountAim has played a critical role in ensuring compliance and alignment across the sales and customer success. In September, Sophie Teraoka was brought on to build out the customer success organization.

“One of the best parts of AccountAim has been their ability to support our entire revenue organization as we’ve grown.” Sophie Teraoka, Head of Customer Success

One of the biggest takeaways for the entire Tavus revenue team is that AccountAim can be used even without prior experience, thanks to its versatility and real-time support. With the added time savings, Tim and Sophie have been able to reinvest his time into building better relationships with Tavus prospects and customers, helping them hit the lofty growth milestones they’ve set out.

Ultimately, AccountAim has enabled Tavus to strengthen their position in the market by providing the tools and expertise to let them focus on building stronger relationships with their customers.

"We wouldn’t be where we are today without AccountAim."

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